Emma makes ready to wear and custom designed millinery,  please peruse the gallery to see previous designs of ready to wear millinery and custom orders.

Emma’s millinery is handcrafted to a very high standard,  using quality millinery materials, hand blocking unique shapes and also combining traditional and modern millinery materials. 

Not all millinery is the same, when you are investing in a high quality piece of millinery you need to look at the following.  

There are three types of millinery available for purchase - Model, Semi Model and Ready to Wear.


Model Millinery - Every element of the hat/fascinator has been hand crafted by the milliner, this is how you purchase a unique piece of millinery, due to handmade unique trims, colour and design, these items are more expensive and high quality due to hand stitching been to main component of construction.  You should not be able to see unsightly lines of stitching, trims and/or handmade flowers should cover seam lines where possible, often with  model millinery, it can be re trimmed to suit another dress for a small fee, this is a wonderful feature in today's ‘throw away society’.

Semi-Model Millinery - These items have part handmade and part machine made elements, often using bought flowers and glue during construction, these items are quicker to make and are generally less expensive than model millinery.  

 Ready to Wear- these items are machine made, and often mass produced often using hot glue mainly to attach trims, labels wires.  These items are usually less expensive, you can identify them easily if you look at stitch lines, often you can see hot glue underneath trims. 


  Operating online and from her work studio in Red Hill Brisbane, Emma’s work can be sent free postage with tracking within Australia, world wide shipping is available upon request.

Emma has studied millinery at Tafe, online, via the Hat Academy and also attended workshops with Carole Maher and Waltraud Reiner.

To visit the studio and collect items-please contact Emma to arrange an appointment.